Space and Dimensions

A few new things.  The black pieces were finished a few months back, they were in the ArtTrail 2011 Embassy at the Elysian. When I moved into the studio in April they were the first things I did. I had the idea for a while so I bought and lugged in the wood, cut it up, painted it black and realised that I had not entirely figured out what I actually wanted to do. I tried painting on them, that wasn't it so I painted it black again. I tried gluing things to it, that really wasn't it. So for months they sat in my studio.  This is the result of another attempt to figure out what I wanted to do.

I am ever interested in the perceptions in art and in general. Where these on a wall they would be paintings but propped up, they become sculptures. Their alignment is like when paintings are stored stacked up against a wall. It changes their dimension and how they occupy space. I made this video to project alongside.

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