Blowing out the Cobwebs

Cobwebs and litchen. In typical style, the view from my window, as I watch television. Should be doing something else.

Andy Warhol, The Milky Bar Kid?

Nestle is bringing back the fond favorite Milky Bar kid with the great and catchy slogan "Ungrown up" and the introduction of a bar with raisins. That's all shit obviously, but look, don't  these milky bar grown ups look like they are in an Andy Warhol costume? Hah!

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Sky at Night Photography (almost)

Sky line in the evening from my studio window. I think I mostly take photographs from out of my windows.  (I think I am a recluse.)

Home is Where the Heart is. Studios are Where you can get Them

A quick look around my current studio/work space. I have a bunch of pictures from my studios down through the years but I am afraid they are not very interesting. Unlike most people (I think) I don't tend to hang up the things that I have made or the things I am referencing, unless I am currently working on them. I did it more so in college, perhaps because it was encouraged. Possibly to make group critiques and tutorials more useful.

It is my method of working, no one comes to my studio so there is no need to engage in the showmanship. (Perhaps that is why no one comes to my studio.)

P.S You can see the racks in the first photo as mentioned here 

Brown Paper Bags and Happy Accidents

This is a brown paper bag that I used to protect the carpet when I was painting racks that I had made to organise my spools of thread. I loved the pattern it serendipitously left on the paper. Of course brown paper is a simple but often beautiful thing and I have always had a love for cheap white paint and linear, geometric marks. As seen here in my degree show.

Women's Suffrage (hand sewn banners)

image found here

image found here
image found here