Open Studios

I will be taking part in the Sample-Studios open studio weekend this 29th 30th & 31st of July. My studio will be pretty much as is, except for a rushed tidy up, with my recent work left hanging where they are. 

I may have a video piece in the carpark screening and on Sunday afternoon I will be giving a canvas stretching workshop. It is already booked up but anyway is welcome to stand in and watch. 

My current preoccupation is TACTIC, a exhibition space based in Sample. It will be open to the public with a sample-studios member show. The space will operate on the basis of inviting artists, curators or researchers to curate shows.

Hilltown New Music Festival

I will have an experimental sound piece in the Hilltown New Music Festival this weekend, 15th, 16th, 17th of July in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath.

Socio-Fi @ Basement Project Space & The AVANT

Today I went to see Socio-Fi at Basement Project Space, Cork. It a travelling show, the first event of The AVANT festival. It is a humorous "social science fictional adventure into popular culture". Artistsincluded are Joan Healy, Stephanie Hough, Adam Gibney, Jonathan Mayhew and Semaus A. Bradley, it closes tomorrow, I recommend you see it if you can, its well worth a look/laugh.