I have been relaxing and enjoying the sleepy Christmas period. After what was an incredibly stressful week in which I was getting a million different buses to visit people and laptop hard drive died.

It is surprising how dependent on computers and internet access I am, trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it and order a new hard drive is challenging without having a computer to look up the answers on the internet. Then when I sorted that I needed a software upgrade and then when I got the software upgrade my modem was too old. I updated it and challenged by broadband provider as I wasn't very fond of them anyway. Everything is sorted now, but I am foreseeing an awkward and tiring breakup with my current internet provider.


I was watching videos on my computer with a project right after frying something. I think there was smoke in the air and as I could really see the dust particles floating around through the light of the projector. The projector was just projecting a white screen but I think when I changed the shutter speed on my camera it was catching different colours light waves. I thought it was because I had white balance set to auto but I don't think that would cause the rainbow effect.


TACTIC is enjoying a nice Christmas rest. It opened July 2011 with a Sample-Studios member's show to coincide with the first open studios event and since that there have another six exhibitions in 4 months. There are a few ideas for early 2012 but the programme has not been finalised. I am trying to remember that I make art too and to give that a go for a few weeks.

Images from exhibitions Uncanny Sound and Neil Butler for ArtTrail.

Paper Visual Art Journal

Photo: Niamh Dunphy for Paper Visual Art Journal

I wrote an article about TACTIC earlier this year the insight section of Paper Visual Art Journal. PVA were on residency in the Guesthouse as part of Stephen McGlynn's World's End. While there Niamh & Adrian produced a Cork Print edition. The article has recently been added to the online journal.