Ebay Science

Things for sale on ebay that I like (but just not enough to buy).
1966 Chemistry school book, 
1968 American Science Magazine,
1950 Molecule Models, 
All photos are from the ebay listings that's why the quality isn't great.

Space Station

Space Station designs that never were. Found on WIRED, click to see more.

Space and Dimensions

A few new things.  The black pieces were finished a few months back, they were in the ArtTrail 2011 Embassy at the Elysian. When I moved into the studio in April they were the first things I did. I had the idea for a while so I bought and lugged in the wood, cut it up, painted it black and realised that I had not entirely figured out what I actually wanted to do. I tried painting on them, that wasn't it so I painted it black again. I tried gluing things to it, that really wasn't it. So for months they sat in my studio.  This is the result of another attempt to figure out what I wanted to do.

I am ever interested in the perceptions in art and in general. Where these on a wall they would be paintings but propped up, they become sculptures. Their alignment is like when paintings are stored stacked up against a wall. It changes their dimension and how they occupy space. I made this video to project alongside.

Interior Design Enthusiasm

I shall be moving studio soon, Sample-Studios are expanded and taking on more floors. TACTIC will be moving into a larger space and I will be moving to a studio beside it. This gets me very excited about decorating it. There's just something that is inspiring about a new workspace. The few months after I first moved into Sample were really productive for me. Unfortunately the light wont be as good. It is an east facing studio, which should get great light in the mornings but I am at my least in the mornings. But in reality, what light, I have not seen the sun in a long time.

Here a some photographs from Freunde von Freunden, a Berlin based project that interviews creative professionals and photographs their work and living spaces.

Icebergs Again

I still love looking at photographs of icebergs. Mostly only older photographs though,  as many nature photographers today are far too fond of the saturation and contrast effects in photoshop.

Back to the Studio

I was in the studio for the first time since before Christmas and making things in the studio the first time in a log time. The place was empty and too quiet, I think I was the only person in. It would have been very easy to convince myself to go home again but I stuck with it and mashed up a few maquettes and had a flick through some books. I hope to make these much larger from wood but I realise that I may need to grow another pair of hands first. New year new efforts.


Honey Harvest from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

I came across a beautiful film about bee keeping.

New Year

2012, here it comes.

I watched the fireworks nearby (probably not so nearby) peeking through the buildings in the city. I have been crazy for glitter and confetti lately. 

Sources: Fireworks- iCarly website. Gold confetti- Kate Spade perfume.