Cork City Gaol

These were taken a few months ago at Cork City Gaol, a museum of the old city prison that closed in the 20s. I think it's heritage week soon.

Help the Aged

I think I have aged thirty years (at least as far as my back is concerned) from crouching over my low rent sewing machine. I also feel surprisingly cold from the ever so slight change in weather recently.

Home Truths

I Know You 2010 (detail). Installation- cotton and polyester thread.

This is what I am working on at the moment. If you are familiar with my work, and my sense of humour, you might know that I like to reference what i remember from art history and mix in all my contempt for the world. Louise Bourgeois is my current muse, that and her confessional art and her "matter of fact" attitude.

Skin (Video Stills)

Unedited stills. I have a new found love for video stills over photography or the video. They seem more lively than a photograph but more perfect than the moving image.

The Night

With city filth on windows.

Rear Window


This is actually the view from my font window, it is hazy because the window is incredibly dirty from the city filth.

One and Others

The Enemy and the Self 2010. Video Stills.

Lost Boys

Jon, My Beautiful Boy 2010. Oil on canvas. 60cm X 50cm.

Community, responsibility, shared identity, shame.

Sexy, Boys

Recently, I stumbled upon Paradis, a french men's magazine.  It is a little different than the average magazine that offers men the opportunity to look at naked women, reigniting the argument of naked versus the nude. Early issues bear the subtitle; A magazine for the contemporary man, above suggestive cover images. It features articles on the arts and although I have not yet seen an issue in the "flesh" yet, I think it is a magazine one could believably buy for the articles.

I think I had seen some stray photographs on the internet of Daisy Lowe that had appeared in the magazine before, she has lovely soft looking womanly breasts.  However, it was the photographs of model/actress Lily Cole that really grabbed my attention. I was surprised to learn that such a credible model would pose for a lad's mag, however, the editorial has a entirely different feel than expected.
Shot by Juergen Teller, they appeared in the magazine in 2007. Old news now but I think they are spectacular. They have an incredible natural and real feeling. I love that the hazy light and harsh flash bouncing off lily's white skin is reminiscent of disposable cameras before a digital era, before girls learned young to pose by staring an LCD screen. They look as if a boyfriend took them, that they are personal and we should not be seeing them. Which makes it all the more sexy. As if I have found them, unexpectedly, while illicitly sneaking through someone's things.  Of course they remind me of some of the original pin ups like Botticelli's Venus and even Millais' Ophelia, when the world loved the reds.

Images copyright of Juergen Teller/Paradis Magazine.