Daylight Licked me into Shape

Unedited video stills. Not sure yet what to do with these.

Then There was Light

Light really ignites my inner photographer. A camera really only is an apparatus that captures light so I suppose photographing a light is quite rudimentary. Looking through a lens can give a different perspective on things, don't these light bulbs look like the moon. (I feel like howling.) The E.U banned the sale of non energy efficient bulbs some months ago, so I suppose these are retro kitsch now.


 The glorious sunshine entices out the toes which makes me oh so happy.


Normally I am not a nostalgic romantic about the dawn. In actuality it ignites fear and panic in me. I think it might have something to do with staying up late. The dawn was my signal that I had stayed up (or out) too late.

I also hate getting up at dawn, or anytime when it is still somewhat dark. But I enjoyed this one. Perhaps because I was on my own time in no rush or no panic. Perhaps because the light was a comforting glow of pink rather that a spooky blue. Perhaps I won't mention whether this was at he start or the end of my day.


Watch this space.