Moving Image Cork; Lord David Puttnam

Moving Image Cork is an organisation for anyone interested in video or film. They organisied a talk with British producer Lord Davis Puttnam recently which, unfortunately, I could not attend. Amazingly, MIC have released a podcast of the whole thing. It is great, well worth a listen.

I am a huge fan of podcasts and they are increasingly becoming more popular, CIRCA online have been producing a few that I have been downloading lately. They are one of the better applications of the web for alternative media. 

Art I Like: Dali's Royal Heart

I have never been interested in Dali's paintings. I find it too difficult to objectively look at or think about his melting clocks and weird worlds. Because that type of imagery has been regurgitated by popular culture and championed by simple minds, I think Dali's concept has been lost, as if in a game of chinese whispers.

His bejeweled objects have not had to suffer the same fate and so, I can look at them without the haze of other people's opinions... and I think they are spectacular. They are a prequel to recent art history (Damien Hirst's skull) and sure as as ever, I love a good art history clairvoyance reference.

Click on image/video for source.

Modern Irish Landscape

This is the palette of recent Irish architecture. When I go to a new city I always feel at home. These colours are so familiar, I never have to go far to find an apartment complex in this style. I suspect it is all the work of a single large architecture company.

Though they are not imposint, I wonder if these colours will become part of the country's image, will visitors leave with these ingrained into the memory?

Video Stills

I woke up today to perfect lighting and made some video clips. These are a few stills from the footage. I have a new sound recorder so I plan on making some audio later (if I ever read the manual).

I have to get up early for the right light for video and stay up late to record audio when the traffic is not so noisey. I am thinking of taking up insomina.

Cracks and Seams

1.  Melted glacier water and salt water of different density having difficulty mixing in Alaska.
2. Cracking Ice.

These are not my images. I found them on flickr, click on numbers to find the sources.

Demystifying the Arts Council

Arts Council Project Award Clinic will be taking place tomorrow at 11.30am in the Half Moon Theatre, Cork. The Limerick, Galway and Dublin ones have already taken place.

I am curious to have an insight into application or submission procedures which seem to be shrouded in mystery for many. I have only on occasion spoken about it with others and have found that everyone has a different techniques and layouts and styles. I am hoping that it will be useful and not just a recital of the online guidelines.

{Edit} It was primarily a walk through of the guidelines. Though there were a few interesting parts. It was a charged room, it was clear that many people were a little annoyed at the Arts Council. A few people left early.

On a different note, I was quite annoyed at persons sitting near me who were making jokes and chatting throughout. They laughed a few times after people had asked questions. Whether or not they were laughing at people I do not know, but it seemed that way. I despise that kind of parasitic behaviour. I recognised them from the local arts circles.

My Plans for the Week

It is the French Film Festival this week in Cork. Hopefully I will be able to get tickets to the ones I want to see;
The Beaches of Agnès, Agnès Varda,
The Thorn in the Heart, Michel Gondry,
On Tour, Mathieu Amalric,
Enter the Void, Gaspar Noé.

There will also be a few exhibitions of Varda's at the Wandesford Quay Gallery and Alliance Française de Cork Gallery.

More Drawings

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