Back to the Studio

I seem to be having awful difficulty in the studio lately. I tried getting vinyl cut for this piece for a sign makers which resulting in a terribly stressful experience. When I asked for a vinyl cutting and specified the size, the assistant literally cut a piece of vinyl off the roll and handed it to me. When I explained that I wanted a sign cut and gave them my memory stick, they told me that it had a virus. (I really must take a more sexual health attitude with my usb drives and be more careful of whose port i stick these things into.) Neither of the three staff could independently serve me. One was giving me prices, another was relaying file types to me from somebody else in the back. It was so stressful I ended up leaving.

So I tried using spray paint. It worked, but I foolishly tried to touch it up in a spot or two and then proceded to try and fix what I had just fixed. It ended up being a bit of a "Fr Ted dent in the car" sort of a thing.

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