META is the video piece that was screened as part of the Making Space Athlone event in May. It is part of a new series of work that looks at the relationship we have with ourselves and its manifestation on our relationship with the natural world. It evokes our desire to look towards the unknown with ambition to transcend beyond our everyday existence. It creates a sense of looking through a telescope where our view is obscured by our aspirations. 

The audio is recorded from environmental electromagnetic fields. I have began to experiment with sound, there is an idea that white noise that untuned televisions and radios is electromagnetic noise left over from the creation of the universe. 

My latest work is interested in how man looks out at the natural world as an attempt to understand ourselves and how our view is obscured by our perception. The boundaries of the universe are believed to be ever changing and I like the juxtaposition of these two ideas.  

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