Monster Truck and the Power of Social Media

Monster Truck Fundit from Monster Truck Gallery on Vimeo.

Monster Truck are currently looking for funding for a back projection screen for their gallery in Temple Bar through online fundraiser Fund it, an Irish equivalent to Kickstarter. The screen will project media art, day and night, on a window in the busy tourist/night life area. This is a great idea, it is an effective way to increase art literacy by allowing contemporary art to reach a wider audience. It eliminates the boundaries of the gallery walls.

Something similar has been going on in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary for a few years. SWITCH is a video art exhibition in which shop fronts become cinema screens at night. I would love to see town centres, across the country revived in this way.

Monster Truck have also produced a viral video to promote the fundraiser, which again, is an excellent idea. That makes three great new media ideas, the screen, the viral and the Fund it campaign. Fund it is a website that allows users to post creative projects that they need funded and advertise it to their networks. Backers pledge money to the project and in return receive rewards. MART used a similar campaign recently for a US tour.

There are 28 days left to give. I plan to pledge when my moneys are a little more plentiful and when I have not just had an ebay spree.

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