The Public Library

I rediscover my library card every so often after previously forgetting I had one. Which allows me to rediscover the fun of a public library. A big part of that is finding people's notes in the books. I like to imagine them reading it. The current book I am reading has a lot of it, notes in the margins and underlined sections. I hope it was a donated book and not the work of a very inconsiderate person. Some of it is funny, like that little drawing on the title page that bears a striking resemblance to me. 

There are a few post-its too, which are lovely. I love the mother's productive response. They read;

"I luv wu 5 ever and evr, because you're my mommy and I love you forever and ever and ever night night.
I kiss u."

Please hang up your uniform. I won't wash it as you only wore it for 2 days x x x
Love you Forever."

Once I was at the reading table flicking through the local newspapers. Earlier in the day someone had read the one the papers and commented on the entire thing with a blue biro. They ticked paragraphs they approved of (Like a teacher does with homework) and added their opinion in the margins. I like to imagine it was an old, grumpy man.

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