If I were to make a movie...

I would shoot it in Detroit, Michigan.


 The city first introduced to me by the musical stylings of Eminem, the socio-economic implications of it's former automobile industry explained to me by Michael Moore in Capitalism: A Love Story and illustrated for me by this informative diagram, seems like a post-post-apocalyptic film set.

A part of me thinks that the end is nigh, not in a 2012 Mayan calender kind of way but in a change of social consciousness. A sort of reversal of the 1950s, 1960s consumerist identity. A quick look at the TV guide shows this redirection of public interest with a increasing number of self sufficiency programming like Grow Your Own Drugs, Kirstie's Homemade Home, Edwardian Farm, Born Survivor and even celebrity chef shows like Escape to River Cottage. Although the other part of me just thinks it is all just a trend what with the recession and that.

Images by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre and found elsewhere here.

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    thanks so much, and I love this post! The buildings are so magically creepy, in a way!