Estonia joins the Eurozone

Continuing on reoccurring themes of economics, politics and icebergs. I would like to share the news
that Estonia, our USSR→EU friend, has adopted the euro. Huzzah! Anti-euro types have criticized this move, saying in a statement that "Estonia was getting the last ticket for the Titanic".

Recently, my boyfriend's parents told us about a vacationing American couple that they had met in a bar. By vacationing I mean they were planning to land in the UK but were diverted due to the weather. They were surprised that everyone here was so happy because they had heard how terrible the financial situation was. Irish people do love to have something to moan about and it was Christmas, the season of good cheer. When I told my boyfriend about our new shipmates he joked, "if Estonia bought the last ticket for the Titanic, Ireland must be the band that kept spirits up and continued to play as the ship sank!"

Scene from one of the older Titanic films. Image found here. Other image found here.

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