Inside Jokes (hahaha), Art is a Big Deal

Big Deal 2010, Ink on paper. 59cm x 79cm

I have hidden need to make things that reference "art history" or more specifically what I remember being a big deal from art history lectures. I am not entirely sure if this is always apparent or if it is just some inside joke only I am laughing at.  My schooling taught me Giotto to Cezanne, which is "absolutely ages ago to really long time ago European art". When I got to college, everything outside of this intrigued me and, I think, played a huge part in my practical understanding of contemporary art.

This is (a little something I whipped up earlier which is) one of those things that references art history. Hokusai, The Big Wave of Kanagawa is one of the first things I remember of non Western Art that was a big deal. The lecturer was talking about how this asymmetrical composition influenced Western art as asymmetry was a somewhat new idea.

I think Art is ever changing because society is ever changing and what was once relevant becomes irrelevant and vice versa. And so I painted the wave bang on in the centre.

Rule of thirds f-u.

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