Herb and Dorothy, Ultimate Art Collectors

I read about Herbert and Dorothy Vogel sometime ago but heard, only recently,  about the documentary. Herb and Dorothy are a long time married couple/long time art collectors based in New York. Though well known in the New York art scene for decades, in recent years they gained notoriety for their charming story.

At the beginning of their marriage Herb was taking art classes and, as the good wife, Dorothy took classes in order to take an interest in her husbands interests. Eventually they both decided that they were not talented enough and instead began to collect. The most sensational part of their story is that they managed to accumulate an enormous collection of contemporary art on a modest income. Herb was a postal clerk and Dorothy was a librarian. Apparently they lived on Dorothy's salary and used Herb's to buy the work.

They went to every opening, bought only what they liked provided that they could fit it in their apartment and could carry it home. Seemingly their interpretation of "fitting in the apartment" was quite literal as their one bed was stuffed with most things were stacked under tarps. Their appreciation of minimalism doesn't extend to interior design.

The documentary film was made in 2008. The story has a little magic to it, their interest in art was not motivated by financial gain, the bought unlikable work and they wanted to pay a fair price. It has cleansed my critical pallet.

Undoubtedly these two have a huge cult following. Oh they seem to tick a lot of the boxes; quirky, cat loving, art loving, stylish and elderly(vintage), hoarding and anti-establishment. That's hipster heaven!!

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