Sexy Vampires and Television Adverts

I am finding myself increasingly aware of advertisements on television. It is hard not too since they seem to be broadcasted louder than the programmes. In the past I did not pay too much (conscious) attention to them. Perhaps now that I increasingly spend less time with people I am becoming more aware of my own thoughts and less accustomed to popular culture. The latest ad to catch my eye is for a new car. The Volvo advertisement heavily features scenes from the newest installment of a certain vampire tween franchise. Now unless you are even more detached from society than I am, you will know that this is the book come film saga Twilight.

The ad is blatantly made for an American audience that is more familiar and less sensitive to cringy television. I am not entirely sure what the message is (I am not entirely sure there needs to be a message), it is all too American style cheese to sink in. I think it is a lifestyle advertisement, the kind where the adverts sums up who you are and tells you how to live yours life with purpose and for the moment. The feel of it really is not suitable for a European audience.

However the more pressing question is "who is this advert aimed at"? I have a few adult Twilight fan friends but it is my understanding that it is a tweenage to teenage sort of thing. How many teens here are in the market for a new car? I do not drive and do not know many who do drive, but media has taught me that Volvo is thought of as a reliable car. Just the kind a middle class (or what I would consider very wealthy) American parent would buy their sweet sixteen daughter. The main teen market interested in cars here is the seventeen-year-old boy racer. Since they like to drive by my apartment at night I know that they like to mess up ten-year-old cars with noisy sawn off exhaust pipes and 1000 euro body kits that cause the car to get stuck on speed bumps.

I can't quite find the exact advert played here but here is a link to a similar one.

For the record I do not dislike Twilight. I have never seen or read it. It seems "too much"
 for me though. I like to get my sexy vampire kicks from the shocking (it shocked me), more adult and very clever True Blood.

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